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Morning football is great

It’s that time of year again. The NFL continues its international takeover by sending a mediocre game to London, just because it can.

While Miami fans may be whining about losing a home game, the rest of us gain something we desperately crave: Another football time slot.

It’s not my favorite sport, but I recognize that football is a precious commodity. I, as a consumer, want as much as I can get. Who am I to complain about football being on TV from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 p.m.?

This model should really be embraced more often. Baseball does it on Memorial Day, the NBA has Christmas, and college basketball has the 24 hour kickoff.

Expanding national TV exposure can only be good for any organization. So give us more morning sports. Maybe then my dad will stop yelling at me for watching soccer so much.

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Was wrestling good last night?


Get Hype Game of the Night!

Bayern vs. Dortmund – 11:30 a.m. – FS2

Der Klassiker is the highlight of the week in the Bundesliga. Dortmund just hopes that they can slow Lewandowski down a little bit.


This was the weekend we were promised

Last weekend, I put on my future-goggles to tell you how much May 2 would suck. And you know what, I was right for the most part. For all the spectacle and sports-media grandstanding, all we got was every Floyd Mayweather fight since he stopped having knockout power.

You know, except for that fight with T.I.. I’d pay to watch that rematch.

Of course “Money” is scared of the Rubber Band Man.

The only redeeming thing from last Saturday was Chris Paul single-leggedly beating the San Antonio Spurs.

This shot had drama on two fronts. There’s the obvious drama of whether Paul can hit the game-winner, but there’s also a question of Blake Griffin’s health. Watch that clip again. Griffin nearly necks himself going for the oh so exciting, but apparently very dangerous, tip-slam.

Luckily for Blake, the ghost of Joseph Smith was watching down upon him and ensured his safety.

So how could this weekend be better? Simple, we just add more buzzer-beaters.

It started with the beauty of a frail Rose.

And then a Piercing dagger from the Truth.

And finally, there was a shot fit for a King.

The funny thing is how David Blatt tried his hardest to make sure the Cavs didn’t win that game. Before the final possession, Blatt decided to pay tribute to his childhood hero, Chris Webber. Luckily, Tyronn Lue was able to get up off the floor to stop him.

And then, Blatt drew up a play for some mystery person who wasn’t LeBron James. That is, objectively, a dumb thing to do.

Fortunately, LeBron did viewing audiences a favor by nailing a pretty jumper as time expired. This was the weekend we were all waiting for. There was even a knockout.

Step your game up, last weekend.

Netflix is up to something

One of the privileges of living back at home is having to find some form of entertainment that my parents and I can agree on. So far, that means watching through some of my favorite TV shows.

It’s fun, until I have to try to keep them awake or remind them of what characters’ names are. I’m amazed that my generation has the stigma of being over-diagnosed with ADHD and no one has stopped to think that maybe they are severely under-diagnosed.

Right now we’re watching Mad Men, and it’s fun because I’m noticing things that I didn’t see the first time. Some of this can be attributed to me paying more attention, but I think some of this is Netflix messing with me.

First of all, I don’t seem to recall the characters dropping so many f-bombs on AMC. Netflix has taken a show about advertising in the ’60s and made it pretty metal. That’s not what I wanted to talk about, though.

Let’s talk about Duck Phillips.

What a baller.

Duck is a man who takes what he wants and gives plenty of go-arounds.  He used to have a dog named Chauncey, but in season two, he was all like, “I don’t need a dog, it’s time to get crunk. YOLO!”

The problem is I don’t remember seeing that scene on Netflix. My theory is that PETA got to them or something. My mom says she saw the scene, but I don’t believe her. There’s no way I just wasn’t paying attention, I am infallible.

Netflix is screwing with our favorite TV shows, and I say it’s time we put a stop to it.

Get Hype Game of the Night

Real Madrid vs. Villareal – 3:00 – BEIN

Real Madrid is on a comfortable winning streak, and there’s no reason for that to change.

PICK: Real Madrid.


Fantasy Baseball

NCAA Tournament Pool

My driver’s license is expired

Before we get into story time here, I have to admit that I misspelled license at least four different ways before finally getting it right. I also had a sensible chuckle over the goofball they got to be Connor S. Sample Jr.

So my friends and I were out in the Old Port Friday night. As these things go, the night was fairly typical. They were too drunk and I was being a miserable downer.

We were in the middle of our second unnecessary bar change when the bouncer at Pearl asked for my I.D. After giving it a look he asked, “Do you know that this is expired?”

At that point, I panicked. I didn’t know if I could get into the bar. I didn’t know if I could drive. I didn’t know if I’d have to come up with a new identity. But then I just showed him a debit card and it was all good.

If I had had my wits about me, I would’ve used that as an excuse to go home. So close to an early night.

This story does have a happy ending, though. It was really easy to renew my license online so I never have to go to the BMV (In Maine it’s the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, because “department” wasn’t French enough.).

The only hassle is that I have to print out the temporary license so I can drive while my real license in the mail. I would rather not drive for the next two weeks than figure out whether my printer is working.

Don’t think I won’t do it.

Get Hype Game of the Night

North Carolina vs. Miami – 3:00 – NESN

This game is going to get a ratings spike in its first hour from confused Bruins fans not knowing that their game is on NBC. With the way the Bruins are playing, though, I suggest that you never change the channel.

What’s so fun about Sunday?

Of course, in keeping with this week’s theme, I’m late with this post and straying off topic.

Sort of. You see, I’m changing Sunday Funday.

The problem with its week 1 format was that it wasn’t all that fun. That post equated to a bunch of picks that took hours to write for very little (.563) payoff. So I’m done with picks, it was a stupid idea.

I do like the idea of keeping this blog sports-focused, though. So whatever replaces the long strand of picks should have to do with sports. Maybe fantasy sports, maybe a recap, I’m not sure yet.

Sunday’s may just be a wild card, who knows.

What I can tell you is that tomorrow will be about music. I’m not going to let my first full week in Omaha b disjointed.

Okay, this is the end of the worst week in blogging history.

I have to get some sleep.

Sunday Funday: 1/5/14

Hello, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to Sunday Funday. Today is all about my sports picks for the rest of the week. Due to Vegas’ odds moving around so much leading up to a game, these picks will be made straight up. I’ll keep track of my overall record, and it will carry over from week to week. This page can also serve as a TV guide for the sports inclined, so make sure to check in throughout the week. My picks are listed in bold. All times EST.


7:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Maryland (10-5) at Pittsburgh (13-1)

8:30 NCAAF on ESPN 2: Florida State (13-0) vs. Auburn (12-1)

I know the game is actually on ESPN, but I implore you to turn into the surefire trainwreck that will be “Title Talk” on ESPN 2. I’m sure it will be twice as entertaining as the actual game.

9:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Southern (4-9) at Texas Southern (5-8)



7:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Georgia Tech (9-5) at Duke (11-3)

7:00 NCAAB on CBSSN: Saint Louis (13-2) at Rhode Island (8-6)

7:00 NCAAB on ESPN: Tennessee (9-4) at LSU (9-3)

7:00 NCAAB on ESPN 2: Baylor (12-1) at Iowa State (13-0)

7:30 NHL on NBCSN: Flyers (21-17-4) at Devils (17-18-8)

9:00 NCAAB on ESPN: Ohio State (15-0) at Michigan State (13-1)

9:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Vanderbilt (8-4) at Alabama (6-7)

9:00 NCAAB on CBSSN: Cincinnati (13-2) at Houston (10-5)

9:00 NCAAB on FS1: Creighton (12-2) at DePaul (8-7)



7:00 NCAAB on FS1: Georgetown (10-3) at Providence (10-4)

7:00 NCAAB on CBSSN: Villanova (12-1) at Seton Hall (10-5)

7:00 NBA on ESPN: Mavericks (19-14) at Spurs (26-8)

7:00 NCAAB on ESPN 2: Kansas (9-3) at Oklahoma (12-2)

7:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Harvard (13-1) at Connecticut (11-3)

8:00 NHL on NBCSN: Rangers (21-20-2) at Blackhawks (29-7-8)

9:00 NCAAB on ESPN 2: Miami (8-6) at North Carolina (10-3)

9:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Texas (11-3) at Oklahoma State (12-2)

9:15 NCAAB on CBSSN: Nevada (7-8) at UNLV (10-5)

9:30 NBA on ESPN: Suns (20-12) at Timberwolves (16-17)

11:05 NCAAB on ESPNU: Boise State (10-3) at San Diego State (10-1)



7:00 NCAAB on ESPN: Memphis (10-3) at Louisville (13-2)

7:00 NCAAB on ESPN 2: Auburn (8-3) at Mississippi (9-4)

7:00 NCAAB on CBSSN: George Mason (7-7) at VCU (12-3)

7:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: South Florida (9-6) at Temple (5-7)

7:00 NCAAB on FS1: DePaul (8-7) at Butler (10-4)

8:00 NBA on TNT: Heat (25-8) at Knicks (10-22)

8:00 NCAAB on NBCSN: George Washington (12-2) at La Salle (7-6)

9:00 NCAAB on ESPN: Arizona (15-0) at UCLA (11-2)

9:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Northwestern (7-7) at Iowa (12-2)

9:00 NCAAB on FS1: Marquette (9-6) at Xavier (12-3)

9:00 NCAAB on ESPN 2: Michigan (9-4) at Nebraska (8-6)

9:05 NCAAB on CBSSN: Charlotte (9-4) at UTEP (10-5)

10:30 NBA on TNT: Thunder (26-7) at Nuggets (15-17)

11:00 NCABB on FS1: California (10-4) at Oregon (13-0)

11:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Gonzaga (14-2) at Portland (9-7)



7:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Radford (9-5) at High Point (4-9)

8:00 NBA on ESPN: Heat (25-8) at Nets (12-21)

9:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Wright State (9-8) at Valparaiso (7-8) 



11:00 a.m. NCAAB on ESPN 2: Saint Louis (13-2) at Dayton (12-3)

12:00 NCAAB on ESPN: North Carolina (10-3) at Syracuse (14-0)

12:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Iowa State (13-0) at Oklahoma (12-2)

12:30 NCAAB on NBCSN: St. Bonaventure (10-4) at Massachusetts (12-1)

1:00 NCAAB on FS1: Villanova (12-1) at St. John’s (9-5)

1:00 NCAAB on ESPN 2: Florida (11-2) at Arkansas (11-2)

2:00 NCAAB on ESPN: Kansas State (11-3) at Kansas (9-3)

2:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Missouri (12-1) at Auburn (8-3)

2:30 NCAAB on NBCSN: Rhode Island (8-6) at George Washington (12-2)

3:00 NCAAB on ESPN 2: Memphis (10-3) at Temple (5-7)

3:30 NCAAB on CBS: Kentucky (10-3) at Vanderbilt (8-4)

4:00 NCAAB on CBSSN: Army (5-7) at Navy (5-7)

4:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Mississippi (9-4) at Mississippi State (10-3)

4:35 NFL on Fox: New Orleans (11-5) at Seattle (13-3)

5:00 NCAAB on ESPN 2: Virginia (10-4) at North Carolina State (10-4)

6:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Central Florida (8-4) at Connecticut (11-3)

6:00 NCAAB on NBCSN: Princeton (11-2) at Penn (2-10)

6:00 NCAAB 0n CBSSN: Rutgers (7-8) at Cincinnati (13-2)

7:00 NCAAB on FS1: Georgetown (10-3) at Butler (10-4)

8:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: California (10-4) at Oregon State (8-6)

8:15 NFL on CBS: Colts (11-5) at Patriots (12-4)



1:00 NCAAB on FS1: Southern Miss (12-2) at Tulsa (5-9)

1:00 NCAAB on CBSSN: SMU (11-3) at Louisville (13-2)

1:05 NFL on Fox: 49ers (12-4) at Panthers (12-4)

1:30 NCAAB on CBS: Iowa (12-2) at Ohio State (15-0)

2:30 NCAAB on NBCSN: La Salle (7-6) at Duquesne (7-5)

3:00 NCAAB on CBSSN: Xavier (12-3) at Creighton (12-2)

3:00 NCAAB on FS1: Colorado (12-2) at Washington (9-6)

4:40 NFL on CBS: Chargers (9-7) at Broncos (13-3)

5:00 NCAAB on FS1: Stanford (9-4) at Oregon (13-0)

6:00 NBA on NBATV: Cavs (11-22) at Kings (10-22)

7:00 NHL on NBCSN: Flyers (21-17-4) at Rangers (21-20-2)

8:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Maryland (10-5) at Florida State (9-4)

10:00 NCAAB on ESPNU: Arizona State (11-3) at UCLA (11-2)


That’s it. Easy.