The XFL is back, but what is it?


“It’s football, reimagined.”

Professional wrestling promoter and very stable genius Vince McMahon announced today that he planned on bringing the XFL back in 2020.

For anyone unfamiliar, the original XFL was a spring football league that lasted one season in 2001.

Riding a wave of popularity from the WWF’s Attitude Era, McMahon and NBC thought they could bring that same attitude to football.

The XFL was promoted as a more violent and in-your-face brand of football.

For the most part, it was bad. Like, Tommy-Maddox-is-your-best-player bad.

Aside from the quality of football, there were some positives. The XFL popularized the skycam, and contributed to the legend of Rod Smart.

So now Vince, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to bring back the XFL. But will this league bring back the same attitude as it’s predecessor?

No, as McMahon explains in this uninformative conference call.

I recommend you take the time to watch the whole thing, especially so you can hear McMahon call Darren Rovell, “Dan.”

The gist of this announcement seems to point towards the XFL appealing to the fed-up, #MAGA crowd.

  • Players will be required to stand for the National Anthem, in an effort to de-politicize football.
  • Players with a criminal record will not be signed.
  • Rules will be simpler, which until we know what that means, doesn’t mean much. The informative XFL rap suggests there will be less penalties.
  • Games will be quicker, which is genuinely appealing. McMahon says he wants to shoot for 2-hour games and eliminate halftime.

Much like the original XFL, I think this league will bring some interesting innovation to the sport, but some of the language scares me.

I don’t necessarily think you need to be “fed-up” with the NFL to enjoy a new and different league. You won’t find me complaining about having more sports to watch.

So until we know more, I’m not entirely sure what to make of the XFL.

2020 can’t come soon enough.


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