With so much going on this week, I found it difficult to limit myself to only one topic.  So, as a favor to my loyal readers, and anyone skimming this column because they saw my lovely mug shot on the left, I will give my thoughts on the hottest sports topics of the week. This is the Out of Bounds Grab Bag:

#WraggeWeek: Our most important story of the week features Creighton big man Ethan “Bonesaw” Wragge. With Wragge’s birthday on Monday, we are in the middle of Wragge Week, an annual celebration of all things Wragge. If you are new to Creighton, or if you are half of The Creightonian’s staff, Ethan Wragge is a man amongst other men. He’s so manly that if you take the ball into his paint, Wragge will hit you with a pretty standard hard foul and not even get mad if your fan base goes out of control and sends him death threats. Avery Dingman has led the charge, posting pictures of Wragge on Twitter. I think we can go one step further. What I’m calling for is an all-out parade from campus to his birthplace in Sandusky, Ohio. Believe me, he’s huge out there. When people think of Sandusky, Ohio they think:

  1. Oh my, what an unfortunately named town.
  2. Doesn’t “Tommy Boy” take place there?
  3. Are “Tommy Boy” and “Black Sheep” different movies?
  4. Ethan Wragge.

Replacement Refs: I wanted to write my whole column on this, but Chris Mortensen dashed my hopes and dreams. With the real refs set to come back this weekend, my calls for a players’ strike have fallen on deaf ears. Seriously though, that was the worst week of officiating I have ever seen. The Redskins were robbed of 20 yards before they could try a Hail Mary. The Patriots and Ravens were still struggling to figure out what they could get away with (like missing a field goal) when the final whistle sounded. The Packers lost a win, which is a phrase I just learned that I enjoy saying. I’m glad Brandon Spikes chased them back to Foot Locker, even though he got tired and gave up once the refs started changing directions.

Soccer Season Slipping: I know the title is a little dramatic, but I like the alliteration. With three losses in their last four games, the Bluejays are struggling heading into conference play. At this point, their problems have nothing to do with talent. We have one of the most talented collections of soccer players in the country. We do lack a few other things, however. First, and foremost, Creighton lacks size. We have a hard time converting corner kicks because most of our players are shorter than the opposition. Our midfielders are pushed off of the ball too often because they lack the mass to defend themselves. The second problem is strictly mental. Creighton hasn’t shown a strong attacking mentality in the past few weeks. To play the high-pressure style that coach Bolowich loves, the team needs to attack the opposition like a pack of rabid dogs. The last problem will be familiar to anyone who follows @sports_cu on Twitter. When the team sends crosses into the box, there is never anyone running to the back post. We could average another goal per game if someone would just stand near the back post. Believe me, I would love to retire the #NoBP.

Well, I hope you had fun diving into the Out of Bounds Grab Bag. Join me next time when I will be counting the number of things taller than Manute Bol.


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